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Vegetation Map of Saipan(pdf)

This is a detailed color vegetation map of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands produced by the US Forest Service.

Posted September 15, 2013


Click link for the 02 April 2013, edited version, a 365 page, 1.33 MB Word Document.

Ed (JFF) notes. A little over ten years ago Dr. Bourquin individually accomplished this incredible 365 page cataloging of the CNMI insects--later to be expanded to include all CNMI terrestrial invertebrates--collection being conserved on the NMC campus, Saipan. Dr. Bourquin hoped the catalog would be published, however, this has not yet occurred (April 2013). As a backup, Dr. Bourquin provided certain individuals with digital and hard copy versions of his work, JFF being amongst these. APASEEM was established after Dr. Bourquin moved to Montana State on the US mainland. As part of our website's Local Organism Identification goals, with Orty's permission, APASEEM is pleased to make this important (minimally-edited) catalog available 

Posted April 17, 2013

Northern Mariana Islands Christmas Bird Count Database Master Checklist, 2012 Click link to download as a Word document.

See the textbook Island Ecology and Environmental Management::CNMI for information about Environmental Science & Ecology.

Article: New insight concerning transoceanic migratory pathways of Pacific Golden-Plovers (Pluvialis fulva): the Japan stopover and other linkages as revealed by geolocators.

 From the journal Wader Study Group Bulletin 119(1): 1–8

Click here or title for whole article (pdf). Click this link for abstract (pdf).

Authors:Johnson, O.W., Fielding, L., Fisher, J.P., Gold, R.S., Goodwill, R.H., Bruner, A.E., Furey, J.F., Brusseau, P.A., Brusseau, N.H., Johnson, P.M., Jukema, J., Prince, L.L., Tenney, M.J. & Fox, J.W.