Want to join?

The general public is always welcome and membership in the Academy is not mandatory to attend meetings. Members who are current in their fees are considered active members and sponsoring agencies current in their fees are considered active as well. Funds raised are used to support the financial needs of the Academy, including sponsored-project costs, hosting meetings, correspondence/postage, promotional expenses, fees, etc. Membership dues and agency fees are collected on an annual basis.

The Academy has a 501C (3) Nonprofit, Non-Governmental Organizational status. For most jurisdictions, donations to the Academy over $250.00 are tax deductible.

The organization is mostly self-funding with the majority of income derived from member fees. Members are strongly encouraged to keep their fee status updated. Records for this are kept by our Treasurer. In October 2005, the Academy membership adopted a schedule of membership types and annual fees:

            Institutional (Institutions and Agencies)                                         $ 150.00

            Professional and General                                                             $  30.00

            Current Student.                                                                          $  10.00

            Recent College Graduate who majored in science or environmental

                        management and who matriculated during the past

                        two years                                                                        $   20.00


To become a member, simply contact one of our officers directly or send the applicable fee amount in the form of a check with a short advisory note about yourself or your agency and your contact information, made out to APASEEM, to the address below.

 APASEEM Treasurer

 Box 7527

 Suite 6, Commercial Building, Vescor Village, Capitol Hill,

 Saipan, MP 96950 USA

Membership Application (pdf) please print out, fill in and mail to the above address. You can also just write the information from the application on a piece of paper and send it to us.