Shorebirds, Migratory and Non-Migratory

Northern Mariana Islands Christmas Bird Count Database Master Checklist, 2012 Click link to download as a Word document.

Posted April 4, 2013

The chapter below from the textbook Island Ecology and Environmental Management: CNMI has information about Migratory and Non-Migratory Shorebirds (pdf):

Chapter 17 Our Mangroves; Mudflat(s); & Migratory Shorebirds [J. Furey]

Article: New insight concerning transoceanic migratory pathways of Pacific Golden-Plovers (Pluvialis fulva): the Japan stopover and other linkages as revealed by geolocators.

 From the journal Wader Study Group Bulletin 119(1): 1–8

Click here or title for whole article (pdf). Click this link for abstract (pdf).

Authors:Johnson, O.W., Fielding, L., Fisher, J.P., Gold, R.S., Goodwill, R.H., Bruner, A.E., Furey, J.F., Brusseau, P.A., Brusseau, N.H., Johnson, P.M., Jukema, J., Prince, L.L., Tenney, M.J. & Fox, J.W. 

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