Archipelago & Islands Geology

The chapters below from the textbook Island Ecology and Environmental Management: CNMI have information about Geology (pdf):

Chapter 03 Our Location, Bathymetry & Island Features [J. Furey]

Chapter 04 Plate Tectonics [J. Furey]

Chapter 05: Volcanism; Rock Types; Geologic Dating; Weathering & Erosion; Faulting; Landscape Patterns; Aquifers; & Caves [J. Furey]

Karst Geology and Hydrology of Tinian and Rota (Luta), CNMI: a Preliminary Report

 - from the Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific (WERI) website

Geological Map of Saipan (pdf)

"The U.S. Geologic Survey has updated its map of the geology of the island of Saipan.  The first geologic map of Saipan was drawn in 1956 and the knowledge of what lies below the surface of the island has increased considerably over the last half century.  Understanding geology is important to determining the availability of groundwater, susceptibility to earthquakes, the likelihood of geothermal resources, and what kind of plants can be grown successfully in different parts of the island.  USGS is also in the process of converting its topographic maps of SaipanRota, and Tinian into a geo-referenced (i.e. latitude and longitude) electronic format. Topographic maps show elevation change on the surface of an area, and are a basic tool for zoning planners, land use planners, civil engineers, and even hikers." - from website of Congressman Gregorio Killili Camacho Sablan

Geological Map of Guam (pdf)

 -  from the Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific (WERI) website

Nations Online has MAPS and other information about the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam,  Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and other countries in Oceania and the rest of the world.

"This site is a portal of gateways to the countries, cultures and nations in the world, a reference directory and a destination guide | You are invited to discover completely unknown places and visit legendary sites | Go for a virtual journey through world's history, travel all world time zones, touch the past, the present and the near future | It's for sure an exciting but not a very risky enterprise | The only thing you need is your open mind | Earth with its nations is a very complex entity with a very tricky system of social and political relations | This site aims to show you how stunning our world is, to encourage you to leave your comfort zone someday and explore the world by yourself" - from the website home page

Many other MAPS are available in the APASEEM Suggested Books, Maps and Other Articles section.


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