New website - The Austrailasian Institute for Marine Archaeology

AIMA is an organisation for anyone interested in maritime archaeology. Our members are professional maritime archaeologists,  SCUBA divers, historians, photographers, students, historical archaeologists, conservators - a whole range of people who are interested in this fascinating aspect of our heritage in the Australian/Asia-Pacific region.

We are pleased to welcome you to our site and hope you enjoy browsing, viewing some fantastic images in the galleries, visiting links to others sites, agencies and projects, and dropping into our shop to check out membership, publications and merchandise. Bookmark us and please visit often; we have regular news updates on maritime archaeology around the world. You can subscribe to receive notofications of these updates, or if you become a member, you can join our members-only email list and gain access to the exclusive members area with member benefits and discounts.

Take care of our precious maritime heritage when visiting shipwrecks and other underwater heritage sites and remember the motto, 'take only photos, leave only bubbles' " from the website

The chapter below from the textbook Island Ecology and Environmental Management: CNMI has information about Archaeology (pdf):

Chapter 37 Managing Our Historic & Cultural Resources [J. Furey]